Program Schedule

All times are in Central European Time (CET).
Time   Program
9:15   Openings
9:30   Keynote Talk: Rafael A Calvo, Imperial College
10:30   Break
11:00   Paper Presentation
    * “Loneliness in daily-life, could agents & robots help and how? Presentation and first elements of validation of the LAAM or Life-companion Agent Acceptance Model”, Brice Pablo Diesbach, Jean-Philippe Galan and Michele Grimaldi
    * “Explorative Study on Human Intuitive Responses to Observing Expressive Robot Behavior”, Marieke van Otterdijk, Diana Saplacan, Bruno Laeng and Jim Torresen
    * “Adaptive Robot-Assisted Autism Intervention for Children with ASD”, Anara Sandygulova, Aida Amirova, Aida Zhanatkyzy, Zhansaule Telisheva and Nazerke Rakhymbayeva
    * “Towards social embodied cobots: The integration of an industrial cobot with a social virtual agent”, Matteo Lavit Nicora, Sebastian Beyrodt, Dimitra Tsovaltzi, Fabrizio Nunnari, Patrick Gebhard and Matteo Malosio
12:00   Invited Talk: Ognjen (Oggi) Rudovic
12:45   Lunch
14:15   Invited Talk: Deirdre Logan, Boston Children’s Hospital
14:45   Paper Presentation
    * “Design of child-robot interactions for comfort and distraction from post-operative pain and distress”, Oriana Ferrari, Feiran Zhang, Jules van Gurp, Ayrton Braam, Frank Broz and Emilia Barakova
    * “A Social Robot for Emotion Recognition and Burden Levels Assessment for Informal Caregivers”, Samuel Millan Norman and Carolina Fuentes
    * “Online Learners’ Cognitive-Affective States Awareness to support Wellbeing and Self-Regulation Skills”, Marie-Luce Bourguet, Jacqueline Urakami and Gentiane Venture
    * “Can Robots Help in the Evaluation of Mental Wellbeing in Children? An Empirical Study”, Nida Itrat Abbasi, Micol Spitale, Joanna Anderson, Tamsin Ford, Peter B. Jones and Hatice Gunes
15:45   Break
16:00   Keynote Talk: Maja Mataric, University of Southern California
16:45   Break
17:00   Keynote Talk: Hae Won Park, MIT Media Lab
17:45   Closing